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Submerged Art 2014-2015 National Tile Museum. Lisbon.

With the Sea as its source of inspiration, this exhibition reflects the artist's gaze on the immensity and richness of life at the bottom of the oceans. In addition to the representation of fish of the most varied species, mollusks, crustaceans and marine plants, Sylvain Bongard also includes the human figure, in a metamorphosis that aims to highlight the relationship between Man and Nature. Another aspect, no less important, addressed in this exhibition is the problem of pollution and the impact of human action on the balance of the ecosystem.

With a touch of humor and irreverence, this exhibition is a constant discovery. Each piece, each installation hides any number of details that invite a closer look.

With a safe technique supported by a strong imagination, where we feel echoes of authors from the past like Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro or Jorge Barradas, Sylvain Bongard offers us a trip to a hidden space to most of us, alerting us, simultaneously, to the consequences of this presence. A world in permanent erosion and, therefore, in constant renewal. Let's accept the invitation. Let us be surprised.

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