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Sylvain Bongard
Born in 1959, Geneva, Switzerland. he moved  to Portugal as a child in 1970, only to leave for four years to complete his studies in Germany and England.
Returning permanently home to the Algarve in 1980, he realized his dream to dedicate all his energy to art full time. he have created numerous works for public spaces, exhibitions and private collections in Portugal and abroad.
                                                                                           From a young age I was mesmerized by the animal kingdom and loved to draw, paint and model creatures in a simple form. I was fortunate also to be given the freedom by my parents to have a multitude of animals eventually having the privilege to including a monkey, extensive variety of exotic birds, crocodiles, lizards, a fox and numerous aquariums and terrariums. This part of my life is intrinsically important to my artistic development observing, feeling and breathing the life of the natural world which I was and still am immersed in. I also have a distant fascination with humanity, figure, physiognomy and behaviours and their relationship to nature.
My main medium of choice to create has transformed in the last 25 years arriving at free hand sculpting in stoneware clay. Eventually using a wood fired oven firing at 1300º allows me to reach into an unending array of nature’s colours and textures that truly rewards me. Most of the pieces I create are of a medium to large dimension, achieving the largest pieces through a calculated dissection of the animal form. Although often sketching a rough idea I often work on a spontaneous level adjusting and elaborating on a simple subject. Accepting the failure risk I prefer to start on a sculpture with total freedom making sure to use my instinct and intuition to express what I see or feel about a certain living being or animal. Each work is a journey of discovery to reproduce my mind’s eye on details and expression that has sometimes remained dormant for a long time.
Endemically my pieces accent my sense of humour endeavouring them a connection to humanity in order to create an intimate interrelation with the observers’  eye. This is of importance to me to call an attention towards our fragile natural world whilst retaining a positive aesthetic appeal to the onlooker
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