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20/20 Vision

Working quickly to be ready we opened our new gallery and sculpture garden in June 2020, Monchique. An exciting new step for us, changing the way we work as far as location, studio space, gallery, garden and especially working with our new wood fired kiln.

Overwhelmed by the positive response from old guests and newly found ones, from Portugal and abroad, gave us the final encouragement that we needed.

Last year at this time we put our first large statues on display in the fountains in the centre of Monchique town coinciding with the Camelia festival of 2020 in the town, a wonderful way to introduce our work! We think it was also very special to finally receive local people at our new gallery and sculpture garden.

We are using this closed time now for improving our sculpture garden creating new pieces, drawing a little for me, painting a lot for Sylvain and enjoying the nature we are blessed with in the Monchique mountains of the Algarve.

The Winter seems to have passed its worst and we have again some of those amazing blue sky days the Algarve is famous for.

We are more than ready and looking fowards to opening again soon to receive you....

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