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Tara Ezaguy Bongard
Born in 1970, London, England. With Anglo-Portuguese roots her childhood was shared between England and Portugal, finalizing her studies in England. She continued her passion for drawing throughout her travels in America, Central America, Turkey and the Middle East. Settling In Israel for 10 years she apprenticed in woodwork and then glass painting and fusing, returning to live permanently in Portugal in 2005.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In my work and my life I am deeply inspired by the nature that is immediately surrounding me reflecting the infinate perfect forms defined by the natural coloration of the fauna and flora on my pieces which range from decorative to functional.
In my human forms I attach importance to focus on the volumes and shapes so my eye captures the strong fertility of female and male, expressing their volumes whilst maintaining a uniform palette of glazes to accentuate this. These pieces in particular are an anatomic discovery expressing inhibitions and diversity of shape that we experience among humanity. Mostly faceless allows for a direct focus on body movement and language.

Each piece for me is a learning process as a self-taught three dimensional sculptor. I am excessively observant in life and attempt to transmit the importance of that to each piece; every curve or corner even to the blind eye is meant as a “tap on the shoulder” to appreciating what is directly perfect around us in human and natural diversity.
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