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06/09/2023 - 04/01/2024
at Lisbon Botanical Garden,
Natural History & Science Museum, 
Rua da Escola Politécnica 58, 1250-102 Lisboa, PORTUGAL.

 Fragile shows you our latest collection of ceramic sculptures representing natural life on this planet and its fragile balance with human over action. The leading pathways around the Botanical Garden give the visitor a journey through intimate areas of nature entwined with our ceramic interpretation of the beauty that is so quickly being put under threat, some pieces highlighting to the visitor the necessity to slow down, consume thoughtfully and respect what is so vibrant and abundant if preserved. Our inspiration is abundant from around us and we try to transmit this through the ceramic material we sculpt with. Each piece is moulded in stoneware clay, dried, thoughtfully glazed and fired at 1300ºc in our wood fired kiln.

Endemically our pieces accent a sense of humour endeavouring them a connection to humanity in order to create an intimate interrelation with the observers’ eye. This is of importance to us to try and call attention towards our fragile natural world whilst retaining a positive aesthetic appeal to the visitor.

All the sculptures on display in the Lisbon Botanical Garden are the property of the artists, Tara Ezaguy Bongard and Sylvain Bongard. The pieces are available for purchase,and shipping, please see below for more details.

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